Mindset Strategies:

Mindset Strategies was founded by Chantelle Fitzgerald in response to her own personal challenges in the workplace where she found herself undervalued, unappreciated, bullied, overlooked and unseen. Mindset Strategies is a leadership development firm that focuses on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) and supporting leaders to create a culture where people feel valued, respected, supported, heard and seen. 

What sets us apart from many other firms is that we approach diversity, equity, and inclusion with a mindfulness and emotional intelligence lens. We believe in order to really create a culture of equity and belonging we must first be present with ourselves– recognizing our own thoughts and bias’ in order to transform them and do less harm to others.  

Mindset Strategies takes bold and fresh approaches to supporting the DEIB efforts in organizations, such as our Connection Sessions  and Leadership Institute for Black women and consulting approach among many others.  Our clients walk away with profound new perspectives, tools to create more psychologically safe environments and coaching to support ongoing learning.

Our mission is to support companies and individuals in creating work cultures that are equitable, inclusive and where people feel like they belong — their contributions are valued, respected, appreciated and they feel heard. We support companies in creating psychologically safe environments for all to thrive with an equitable lens.

To transform workplaces all around the globe, that fosters overall well-being and belonging.

We believe in challenging the status quo because we believe that all beings should be treated with respect, valued, appreciated.

Our Values

Seeing you from your perspective

Supporting you with positive intention

Understanding you and the challenges being faced

Approaching each person and situation with a beginners mind

Asking questions to better understand

Being of service to you

How Mindset Was Created

How Mindset Was Created

Proven impact,
meaningful change

We get to know our clients and understand their mindset and create personalized experiential learning, trainings and coaching to help them be more intentional in how the create a culture of inclusion and belonging.


implemented 1 small change


satisfied with workshop / training


satisfied with workshop / training