Mindset Strategies works with school districts, charter schools, public and private schools to teach teachers and administrators how to reduce their own stress using mindfulness techniques and tools. Teachers also learn very practical tools to help increase their own self-awareness, manage intense emotions, and how to bring more empathy and compassion to their classroom and school. Additionally, the tools that teachers learn can also be brought to the classroom and taught to the students they serve. 

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Overall I was satisfied with the program


I feel ready to apply what I have learned


What I learned was relevant to the challenges I am facing


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Please see below the feedback and testimonials from previous clients.

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Testimonials from the Council Bluffs School District:

"It really seems applicable to the classroom. I will definitely incorporate the breathing in my classroom."

"I felt more centered and calm. I have learned how to incorporate mindful strategies throughout the day as well as tricks, like "hands-on chair" and "minute to arrive" that are daily reminders to take a moment and be mindful."

"I became more committed to maintaining my dedicated daily meditation practice and to practicing several meditations all throughout the day (3 breaths, etc). I believe I felt a shift on a personal level with regarding to connecting with who I really am. The experience was somewhat life-changing for me."

"I think that Mindfulness will be a great way to get my day started as well as my students. The deep breathing in order to clear my mind is another great help. I have for a long time know that deep breathes will make me more focused but a whole class where you focus on that is amazing."

"It validated that even though I struggle with slowing down and being mindful, it doesn't mean I CAN'T improve my current practices and shouldn't just give up assuming that I'll never get it. Baby steps and just acknowledging that I struggle is the beginning to taking steps to help with my struggles."

"I found the true center of myself and that helped me understand my place in this world."

"I was able to learn how to calm myself when I am anxious or triggered. I was also reminded the importance taking time to take a few breaths or the power that journaling could give me. It also inspired me to help teachers throughout the district think about ways they could implement this in your classroom. I think these mindfulness activities could cut down on a lot of classroom distractions and give students a more focused attention to learning."

"I relaxed!"