Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Panel Discussion on Race


The COVID-19 pandemic combined with the racial pandemic, is creating a deep shift in how we function in society and business.  In order to thrive we will need to learn new tools and skills that foster diversity, equity and inclusion not only to survive in this climate but to thrive.  


Mindset Strategies is a leadership development consulting firm that has a strong passion to help leaders of all levels discover and uncover their own unconscious bias in order to create more inclusive workplaces. We work with all industries from Fortune 500 companies, to professional services, small businesses, healthcare, non-profits, and education. Our mission is to help create more inclusive work environments that foster psychological safety in order for your business to thrive.  

Birds Eye View of How We Can Work Together

Please see below (2) different options of how Mindset Strategies can support you and your company to become more aware, inclusive, and foster psychologically safe environments. Please note that this deep transformational change will take time, consistency, patience, persistence, determination and a positive attitude. Our proposal is to help get you started and build a foundation with which to start and work from. We can also employ a “train the trainer” approach to support adaptation of long-term learning throughout the organization. 

Option A: Discovery & Uncover: 

In this package we will work with companies for a minimum of 6 months to create a customized approach to support their needs of becoming a more inclusive workplace. Please see below our 3 phased approach. 

Phase 1: Discovery / Interview (1 - 2 months)

Mindset Strategies will interview a wide variety of employees of all levels from executives, partners, senior managers, associates, office managers, etc, to better understand the opportunities and challenges that lie within the department / company as it relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We will uncover blindspots and make recommendations as to the best course of action in creating more psychologically safe and inclusive workplaces.  

Phase 2: Recommendation / Strategy / Training   (4 - 6 months) 

In this phase Mindset Strategies will create a customized approach based on the above research over several months based on the above discovery and findings. 

 Here are some topics that we typically cover in potential trainings based on the most pressing needs:Here are some topics that we typically cover in these trainings based on the most pressing needs:

  • Uncovering Unconscious Bias
  • Becoming a More Resilient Leader
  • Building Inclusive Work Teams
  • Building Self-Awareness
  • Managing Under Uncertain Times
  • Having Difficult Conversations
  • Leading with Empathy
  • Providing & Receiving Feedback
  • Managing Strong Emotions
  • Mindful Leadership

Phase 3: Evaluation / Assessment (1 -2 months) 

Lastly, Mindset Strategies will assess and measure the results and effectiveness of training based on month 1 baseline measurement. Mindset Strategies will provide outcomes and effectiveness data. 


 Option B: Starting the conversation : 3 - 4  months (minimum) 

In this package employees will be exposed to several conversations in various different formats as it relates to race, systemic racism, white privilege, equity and inclusion etc. To begin the conversation we will start off with a panel discussion to introduce these topics.  The discussion will engage participants through polling and provocative questions.The “second” conversation, we will create small breakout sessions (virtually) for employees to discuss a thought provoking question(s) in a heart centered space that is structured in a way that helps people feel comfortable to have these conversations. 

The next conversations will be in the form of training and learning tools and concepts that will be supportive and immediately put to use in the workplace.  

Please see below an example of the conversations: (other options can be available) 

  • Panel Discussion: 4 person panel and 1 moderator: (90 min) (Example above)

In this panel discussion we will have four high-level panelists including 4 outside experts and a moderator. The selection of panelists will be discussed and agreed upon by both the company and Mindset Strategies, LLC. 

The following topics can be discussed and others that are relevant:

  • Racism
  • Systemic Racism
  • White Privilege
  • White Supremacy
  • All Lives Matter vs. Black Lives Matter
  • Self-care
  • Where we go from here
  • What is next?
  • Small Group Discussion on Race (90 min) 

 This will be a very structured and heart centered virtual space to discuss a provocative question that will help employees self-reflect and identify a personal commitment that they can implement in the workplace. 

  • Empathy and Unconscious Bias Training (90 min) 

The purpose of this workshop is to provide clarity on what empathy is and what it is not. We will discuss research on what makes the “perfect” team and how to foster this in our own teams. We will discuss the neuroscience of empathy and how unconscious bias plays a role in empathy and how this ties into the diversity and inclusion conversation. We will do several practices / tools to cultivate empathy in our own work environment. 

  • Mindful Leadership Training For Managers (90 min) 

 The purpose of this session is to provide an introduction of mindful leadership training to managers.. Managers will learn tools to help them listen better to their direct reports / colleagues / clients. They will learn tools to help them focus, manage stress, increase attention control and build self-awareness.