Kim Walker

Bryn Mawr, PA

The tools have been so helpful! I've put myself to sleep a couple of times using body scan; open awareness & noting have helped me engage more meaningfully with my family; and Minute to Arrive has been an awesome way for me to transition from one space to another! My oldest child (age 9) enjoyed having a mindful moment with me in the car the other day! Still working on my 3 year old! ? Thank you again for sharing your talents with us!

Jinine Martin

#PowerInThePause gave me the space to focus on tools to improve my life when things are overwhelming. It also introduced me to a community of beautiful and supportive classmates who motivate and inspire me to continue to practice. Before working with Chantelle, I had taken classes and read books on meditation, but I never consistently followed through on a practice. Now, I have integrated a meditation practice into my day: in the morning, at lunch, and/or before bedtime. I also am more consistently journaling and using the tools I learned and I feel a much more sense of calm, things don't irritate me as much anymore. The most significant things I learned were the importance of self-compassion and the various tools to help in overwhelming and stressful situations: counting breath, body scan meditation, pause meditation and more. I have tools I can now share with my teammates. I have already shared, “A Moment to Arrive” while facilitating meetings. It amazes me the impact that one minute can have on a group and how much more productive we have become.

Cheryl Pollard

Philadelphia, PA

#PowerInThePause was an amazing breakthrough for me. For someone who's consumed by their thoughts, #PowerInThePause gave me the tools to quiet my mind and re-focus in stressful situations. With a quieter mind, I am present and have the ability to fully and authentically listen to others. Lastly, through meditation, I learned to be kind to myself and release judgement. The 3 most significant things that I learned was 1. I have a daily meditation now and practice meditation 4 out of the 7 days a week. 2. I am more kind to myself 3. I have a whole toolbox of tools that I can use now”

Steve Maire, Investment Banking


“Developed an even more consistent meditation and journaling practice that has helped bring greater calm and equanimity to my daily life and helped me to gain greater insight into who I am, what drives me and what is most important in my life. Before working with Chantelle, I had a fairly consistent meditation practice, but the course gave me more tools to use and also helped me understand how great the impact of sustaining the practice will have on numerous aspects of my life. I also used some very valuable and practical tools to employ such as active listening and self compassion. What I received from this course is 1. Better and more consistent mediation practice; 2. Journaling practice which has helped me gain valuable insights into myself 3. Practical tools to employ in my daily life to help better manage stress and be more effective in my relationships.


Washington, DC

“The results I am enjoying after working with Chantelle is that I have experienced lowered blood pressure, increased relaxation, and better coping mechanisms during stressful times. I have enjoyed the connection with Chantelle and the other classmates. It provided an outlet and opportunity to get helpful advice. Before working with Chantelle, when stressed even small situations caused me frustration but I was still very happy and determined so I was able to push through. I no longer feel like I’m just pushing through, I feel calm and confident about whatever lies ahead without fear or frustration. The 3 most significant improvements in my life as a result of taking #PowerInThePause and working with Chantelle are lowered blood pressure, increased feeling of calm, less irritable.”

Paul Andrew, HR Manager

Marlton, NJ

Chantelle is so very good as my #powerinthepause coach. She explains all things clearly and she fully listens we talk. Only two classes in and I`m a beliver.

Alia Mufti Sobel, Entrepreneur

Philadelphia, PA

I highly recommend this course and Chantelle to everyone! Do not miss out!!! She is breath of fresh air sharing her wisdom on meditation & mindfulness. I was deeply affected be her course and I am forever grateful for it. I use her tools she taught every single day! She is a hidden gem with more people knowing what she has to offer. I am a Mom & entrepreneur so juggling all the things it is SO incredibly helpful for me to have worked with Chantelle. We all have high stress, fast paced lives we are living and my suggestion would be take Chantelle`s course. It is the best kind of self care you can give yourself!!

Ayesha M.A Freeman, Dental Sales Rep

Chicago, IL

Absolutely one of the most empowering incredible tools l`ve learned!! Chantelle gave me a glimpse into how powerful the pause is and l`ve been consistently utilizing this incredible technique several times day! It`s enhanced mindfulness and increased me calm. She is fantastic!! I am so excited to work with her in the future both personally and professionally!! What a gem!!

Apprentice at the Urban Technology Project (UTP)

Chantelle made sure to engage the entire class at all times and did well with being personable with us as students. She made it warm-welcoming and helping me feel more comfortable about opening up about many things that i myself never knew I had. Connecting individually and caring about us instead of just seeming like an instructor who’s disconnected she new what she was talking about clear speaker, and approachable Her energy gives off a homey vibes.

Apprentice at the Urban Technology Project (UTP)

LOVE THE WISDOM CIRCLE! IT got everyone to open up and allowed us to talk about our life experiences without judgement the wisdom circle helped break the ice in handling personal situations honestly. It was helpful. It’s always helpful to get secondary opinions on large issues that can plague someone who’s intention is to bottle up emotion especially yes it help get different perspective on the going ons.

Apprentice at the Urban Technology Project (UTP)

I've learned to pick and choose my words wisely with certain people. Also how to react to things in a better lighting instead of escalating the issue higher than it should. I learned to be more aware of people around me and how their views who has negative mindset or a positive mindset. Personally I find myself much more at ease with my situation in life and conscious of what I can do to improve i focus before i speak now I think that i've become even more aware of my emotions as well as others. I was able to speak more and be more comfortable with my self. I started to express more of my inner self out, and become more aware of what I'm doing.

Megan Staff, Teacher

Philadelphia, PA

“I never thought I would be able to meditate before this course. Chantelle has helped me learn how to meditate and also how to be patient with myself during this journey. I have learned so much about myself throughout this course. I really enjoyed learning about the tools to help be present, which was really challenging for me. I immediately felt comfortable talking to Chantelle and I look forward to taking another class!”

Employee of Council Bluffs School District

It really seems applicable to the classroom. I will definitely incorporate the breathing in my classroom. Calming of the mind, new ideas for classroom, reawakening of practice Awesome way to bring pray back into schools. I felt more centered and calm. I have better learned how to incorporate mindful strategies throughout the day. As well as tricks, Like hands-on chair and minute to arrive that are daily reminders to take a moment and be mindful.

Employee of Council Bluffs School District

I became more committed to maintaining my dedicated daily meditation practice and to practicing several meditations all throughout the day (3 breaths, etc). I believe I felt a shift on a personal level with regarding to connecting with who I really am. The experience was somewhat life-changing for me.

Employee of Council Bluffs School District

I think that Mindfulness will be a great way to get my day started as well as my students. The deep breathing in order to clear my mind is another great help. I have for a long time know that deep breathes will make me more focused but a whole class where you focus on that is amazing.

Employee of Council Bluffs School District

It validated that even though I struggle with slowing down and being mindful, it doesn't mean I CAN'T improve my current practices and shouldn't just give up assuming that I'll never get it. Baby steps and just acknowledging that I struggle is the beginning to taking steps to help with my struggles.

Employee of Council Bluffs School District

I found the true center of myself and that helped me understand my place in this world.

Employee of Council Bluffs School District

I was able to learn how to calm myself when I am anxious or triggered. I was also reminded the importance taking time to take a few breaths or the power that journaling could give me. It also inspired me to help teachers throughout the district think about ways they could implement this in your classroom. I think these mindfulness activities could cut down on a lot of classroom distractions and give students a more focused attention to learning.

Employee of Council Bluffs School District

I relaxed!