Recently, I was talking to a colleague and they gave me feedback on my personality saying that I was too positive. They felt that I should tone it down a little in order to be more realistic in how to attack challenges.

It made me think, can a person be too positive? What does that even mean? If being too positive means looking at every situation as the glass half full, what is the alternative-- negativity/apathy? How is that any better and who wants to be around a "Debbie Downer"? 

There have been countless amounts of research when it comes to positivity and the power of positive thinking. There are copious amounts of books, articles, and motivational speakers that are all stressing the importance of positive thinking. Would anyone ever say to Oprah Winfrey, Joel Osteen, Joyce Myers, Tony Robbins, you are too positive?  They have built mega businesses on the power of positive thinking. How can you possibly go wrong, or it be too much?

In my opinion, you can't be too positive. If anything, it is a bright light to negative thoughts. It is the encouraging voice when you are feeling down, it psyches you up to be more courageous, and confident.  It can be an example/inspiration to others to stay positive through the most challenging times.

Life can be tough, we all get knocked down at some point, but we can't stay stuck there. We have to keep it moving, and thinking positively is an important part of that.

Here are a few ways I like to practice staying positive.

1. Perspective: You look at the world differently when challenging things happen. You believe that something great will come out of a difficult situation.

2. Optimistic: You are optimistic about the future and keep telling yourself the best is yet to come, you are only getting started.

3. Altruistic: Giving of your talents/ideas/resources in order to help others that may not be able to have access to your knowledge, or skill sets.

4. Be Grateful: Reminding yourself of all the blessings that you have in your life (health, breath, food, clean water, shelter, safety, friends,family)

5. Run your Own Race: There will always be people that will be better, faster, stronger, wiser etc. I am reminded by something someone told me. It's important to run your own race not someone elses'. Stay focused on you and compete against yourself to be better.

What tactics do you use to stay positive and think positively? Feel free to add to the comment section below. It will help us all stay positive. Thanks for sharing.