Recently, I happen to be flipping through the channels and fell upon the OWN network, and Oprah's Super Soul Sessions. She had Brene Brown giving a "TED" like talk on the Anatomy of Trust.  What she discussed and breaking down what trust is into 7 bite size pieces was remarkable, to the point that I felt compelled to share this with my LinkedIn network and hope it would be just as valuable to you.

Here is what she had to say.

Trust is built in very small moments. The number one way someone can show trust is to see who showed up at your loved one's funeral.

Trust is defined as: choosing to make what's important to you, vulnerable to the actions of someone else.

Distrust is defined as: what I shared with you, is not safe with you.  

Brene Brown came up with an acronym to break down what it means to trust and it's the word BRAVING.

B-Boundaries: I trust you if you are clear about the boundaries I set and you respect them.

R-Reliable: You do what you say you are going to do every single time. In the professional world it is important to be aware, and be honest about your limitations, so that you are not over committed and unable to accomplish certain tasks/responsibilities.

A-Accountability: If you make a mistake, you own up to it and fix it or do better moving forward.

V-Vault: What I share with you, you will hold it in confidence. What you share with me, I will hold in confidence. If I hear you telling me about someone else's issues that is not appropriate for me to hear, you lose trust and respect of that person. Don't gossip. 

I-Integrity: This is broken down into (3) elements.  1.) You have courage over comfort. 2.) You do what is right and not popular. 3.) Practice your values NOT professing your values. 

N-Non-Judgement: I can fall apart without being judged by you. When or if I think less of myself or someone else when I/they ask for help is NOT a trusting relationship. 

G-Generosity: We are generous in our assumptions about someone we trust. For example: I'm really disappointed that you did not call me on the one year anniversary of my mother's death. I realize you were probably super busy and it slipped your mind, but I would love it, if you could remember next time. Instead of, not answering that person's call, avoiding them, and acting in a passive aggressive way because they never called you. Be generous about your assumptions.   

Final Thoughts:

Trust is the oxygen that holds our personal and business relationships together and without it, we have nothing. No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes, but at least we have the above language to help us buildpractice, and talk about trust in both our personal and professional relationships. 

Feel free to comment or engage in the topic of trust. It's great to learn and connect with each other around the topic.