Recently, I came across a woman by the name of  Lynne Twist who wrote the book  The Soul Of Money.   Her ideals moved me so much and were so profound that I had to share this new mindset and way of thinking with my LinkedIn Network. 

Lynne Twist speaks from such a spiritual perspective about money and the way that our culture, our world has conditioned us to live in the mindset of scarcity. You and I live our lives around the scarcity mindset, every single day. Lynne Twist talks about this scarcity mindset in 3 ways and offers another way to think about our world.  It is a chance to challenge ourselves to switch from the scarcity mindset over to an abundance mindset.

But first, let's dive into the 3 toxic myths on money and the scarcity mindset. 

1.) There is never enough: 

We live in a society in which we feel that there is not enough to go around. There is never enough time, food, water, vacation, weekends, and more. Just insert your own   (not enough of...)      . Most importantly there is never enough money. We are always trying to chase money and never satisfied with what we have.  (Darn right, I'm not satisfied, I need to pay my bills, and then some).  There are 7 billion people in this world and there is just not enough for everyone. Somebody, somewhere is going to be left out. (That's right, and it is certainly not going to be me!)

With the idea that someone is going to be left out, and we most certainly do not want that to be us or our loved one(s), it automatically starts to generate fear.  Thus, we live our lives in a way that becomes an expression of lack and fear of losing and being left out.  (What! I'm not afraid, I just need more money!)  It's a form of lack.  It becomes nobel and responsible to take care of our own even if it’s at the misfortune of others. (Hold, up! I need to get,  what I need to get. I'm not trying to step on anyone. But other's might. I could see that.) 


How have you lived your life in fear?

What are you most afraid of? 

2.) More is better: 

More of anything is ALWAYS better than what we already have. It’s the logical response. If you feel there is not enough than you must get more. More is better drives us to accumulate more than what we need. How many times have we thrown away food? (Yes, all the time. Not intentionally--it goes bad).  Collected too many pairs of shoes that we never wear. (They were super cute!) Or, buy things that we don't really need? (I like having scarves that are every color of the rainbow. What's wrong with that?) At times, it can turn into greed. (Oh, snap!)  Sometimes, we pick up the pace of acquiring more.  As a result it quickens the pace of the race. The rush for more distances us from experiencing the value of what we acquire and already have. 

Lynne describes the “more is better” philosophy as a hamster on a spinning wheel. We are constantly chasing more and more and more and never really satisfied with what we already have, nor do we value what we already have. It is a continuous cycle.

She goes onto say that even the ultra-wealthy (millionaires and billionaires) are concerned about losing their wealth and needing more just as the person making $50,000 a year is concerned about losing money and making more. (What! No way? Donald Trump is worried about losing his billions? Come on...) Yes, we are all the same in this regard. Thus we are doomed for a life that is never fulfilled. We can never reach a destination. 


What are you constantly trying to chase?

What do you already have that you need to appreciate and value? (I'm not talking about scarves and shoes). 

3.) That’s just the way it is: 

That’s just the way it is and there is nothing we can do about it. This way of thinking keeps us all paralyzed in this mindset of scarcity. It suggests, that there is no hope, life is unfair, we are all helpless to this game of the chase, and that’s just how it is. (Yeah, that is just how it is, exactly. I've been trying to tell you this the whole time.)

That’s just how it is justifies, greed, prejudice, inaction and fosters scarcity in our relationship with money and others. To go even further on this idea, it is what has kept slavery, institutionalized racism, sex discrimination and social and economical discrimination in place for generations. The most money wields the most power and that is just how it is. (Dang, now that is real. Why'd you have to go there?)

To make the point, that we must be willing to let go of this toxic myth of “that’s just the way it is” even if it is just for a moment, to consider the possibility that there "isn’t a way it is” or "a way it isn’t." There is a way we choose to act and what we choose to make of circumstances.  


What areas of your life are you holding onto as "that's just the way it is?"

What would it look like, if you considered looking at your circumstances from a perspective of gratitude and appreciation?

Abundance Mindset:

So, it is pretty clear on what it looks like to live in a scarcity mindset, so what does it look like to live with an abundance mindset? 

An abundance mindset is to look inward, and look around you. What do you already have? You have a cell phone, a house /apartment, you have a refrigerator with a lot of food in it, you have a bed with pillows and blankets, you have clothes, shoes (more than you need), and too many scarves. You have enough. 

Living with an abundance mindset, is giving gratitude and appreciation for what you ALREADY HAVE. Focus and mediate on what you already have and it will expand. What you appreciate, appreciates. 

“When you let go of trying to get more of what you don’t really need, it frees up oceans of energy to make a difference with what you have. When you make a difference with what you already have, it expands.”   --- Lynne Twist